European Technical Committees (Health)

A significant part of the work of the European Standardization Commission is devoted to the health sector. As of today there are 15 different European Standardization Committees (CEN Technical Committees) that are active in the health sector and deal with the following subjects:

  • CEN / TC 055 – Dentistry
  • CEN / TC 102 – Sterilizers for Medical Purposes
  • CEN /TC 140 –  In vitro diagnostic medical devices
  • CEN / TC 170 – Ophthalmic Optics
  • CEN / TC 204 – Sterilization of Medical Devices
  • CEN / TC 205 – Non Active Medical Devices
  • CEN /TC 206 – Biocompatibility of Medical and Dental Materials and Devices
  • CEN /TC 215 – Respiratory and Anesthetic Equipment
  • CEN / TC 216 – Chemical Disinfectants and Antiseptics
  • CEN / TC 239 - Rescue Systems
  • CEN / TC 251 – Health Informatics
  • CEN / TC 257 – Symbols and Information Provided with Medical Devices and Nomenclature for Regulatory Data Exchange
  • CEN / TC 258 - Clinical Investigation of Medical Devices
  • CEN / TC 285 - Non-active Surgical Implants
  • CEN / TC 293 – Technical Aids for Disabled Persons
  • CEN / TC 316 – Medical Devices Utilizing Tissues 

These committees have issued dozens of harmonized standards in recent years that support the three European New Approach Directives in the field of health.
With the help of CYS, experts from the public and private health services of Cyprus can participate and contribute to the work of European Standardization, to promote national interests and to be informed about all developments in matters concerning them.

More information on CEN and the European Technical Committees can be found at:

National Committees' standardization work plan for 2020

Based on the CYS's annual Business Plan of the National Technical Standardization Committees, the following standardization activities are scheduled to take place in 2020:

Click here to see the standardization work performed during 2020 in .pdf format


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