Mirror Committee CYS/MC 10 - Gas

One of the Cyprus' strategic goals is to relief its economy from currently the only source of energy used which is oil. Given the discovery of natural gas deposits within the country's Exclusive Economic Zone, the specific goal is closer than ever.

The Cyprus Standardization Organization (CYS) established "Mirror Committee 10 - Gas" which monitors the activities of the European Technical Committees (TCs) dealing with the sector, aiming to assist with the efforts of import and use of gas fuels in the country.

Stakeholders of government departments, private bodies, academic institutions, organized groups and other organizations are invited to participate in the “Mirror Committee 10” with the main purpose to provide comments on the draft standards (prEN) which are under review, as well as provide comments on others issues arising during the development or revision of the standards.

The CYS "Mirror Committee 10" monitors the activities of the following European Technical Committees:

  • CEN/TC 048 Domestic gas-fired water heaters
  • CEN/TC 049 Gas cooking appliances
  • CEN/TC 058 Safety and control devices for gas-burners and gas burning appliances
  • CEN/TC 062 Independent gas-fired space heaters
  • CEN/TC 106 Large kitchen appliances using gaseous fuels
  • CEN/TC 108 Sealing materials and lubricants for gas appliances and gas equipment
  • CEN/TC 109 Central heating boilers using gaseous fuels
  • CEN/TC 131 Gas burners using fans
  • CEN/TC 157 Non refillable metallic gas cartridges
  • CEN/TC 179 Gas-fired air heaters
  • CEN/TC 180 Non-domestic gas-fired overhead radiant heaters
  • CEN/TC 181 Dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances
  • CEN/TC 234 Gas supply
  • CEN/TC 235 Gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for use in gas transmission and distribution
  • CEN/TC 236 Non industrial manually operated shut-off valves for gas and particular \ combinations valves – Other products
  • CEN/TC 237 Gas meters
  • CEN/TC 238 Test gases, test pressures and categories of appliances
  • CEN/TC 282 Installation and equipment for LNG
  • CEN/TC 299 Gas-fired sorption appliances and domestic gas-fired washing and drying appliances
  • CEN/TC 326 Gas supply for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)

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