National Technical Committee CYS TC 15 - Concrete reinforcing steels

Following a decision of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in December 2006 to remove from the list of harmonized standards the " EN10080: 2005 Concrete Reinforcing Steel - Weldable Steel - General Requirements ", CYS realized the gaps generated by the circumstances and existing standards within the local industry, and moved into establishing the National Technical Committee "CYS / TC15 - Concrete Reinforcing Steel".

By the end of 2009, the committee completed the drafting of a national standard and in May 2010 “CYS302: 2010 Concrete Reinforcing Steel - Weldable Steels: Technical Categories B500A and B500C” standard was published.

The publication of the CYS 302 standards solved a long standing problem within the local construction sector, as in the absence of a standard suitable for the local industry, engineers were forced to use other countries standards.

The National Technical Committee CYS / TC15 continues to monitor all aspects of standardization work done at European level by the European Technical Committee "ECISS / TC104 Concrete reinforcing and prestressing steels", in order to be able to contribute to its work and where necessary, to intervene and promote provisions to the standard based on the particularities and in favor of the local industry, thus defending the national interests.