National Technical Committee CYS TC 17 - Asphalt concrete

CYS / TC 17 work is related to the standardization of specifications, test methods, conformity criteria for road construction and maintenance materials, airport runways and other road-traffic areas. Other products that are also covered within the scope of work of the specific committee are bituminous binders, modified asphalt and liquefied asphalt used for both paving and industrial applications. Furthermore, CYS / TC 17 monitors the standardization work of three European Technical Committees: CEN / C 226-Road equipment, CEN / C 227 - Road Materials and CEN / TC 336-Bituminous Binders.

In the context of cooperation, consensus and teamwork, stakeholders from the public and private sector, academic institutions, organized associations and consumers are participating in the committee's meetings. Furthermore, CYS / TC 17 oversees the activities of a subcommittee which in the past was engaged with the following:

  • Development of the National Annex EN 13108-1: 2006: Bituminous mixtures - Material specifications
  • Development of good practice guidelines for the use of recovered asphalt mix in new asphalt mixes
  • Use of modifiers in the production of bituminous concrete
  • Updates to the National Annex EN 13108-1: 2006: Asphalt mixtures - Material specifications so that it complies with the new European standard EN 13108-1: 2016

A CYS representative participates in meetings of the respective European Commission CEN / TC 227.