National Technical Standardization Committee CYS TC 14 Precast Concrete Products

The National Technical Standardization Committee CYS TC 14 Prefcast Concrete Products  examines aspects related to prefabricated concrete materials such as: paving slabs,Kerbs unit ,Flags and concrete pipes.

ardization Committee CYS TC 14 monitors the work of the European Technical Standardization Committees CEN TC 178 Paving Units and Kerbs and CEN TC 229 Precast Concrete Products.

The composition of CYS TC 14 Prefabricated Concrete Materials was renewed in 2019 for the three years 2019-2022.



National Committees' standardization work plan for 2020

Based on the CYS's annual Business Plan of the National Technical Standardization Committees, the following standardization activities are scheduled to take place in 2020:

Click here to see the standardization work performed during 2020 in .pdf format


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