National Technical Standardization Committee CYS TC 18 Eurocodes

The National Technical Committee for Standardization CYS TC 18 Eurocodes monitors the work of the European Technical Committee for Standardization CEN TC 250 Eurocodes and its Subcommittees.

The composition of CYS TC 18 Eurocodes was renewed in 2018 for the three years 2018 - 2021.

For better oversight and continuous monitoring of developments in both the Eurocodes as well as the National Annexes, the CYSTE 18 committee plenary proceeded to the establishment of 8 Subcommittees.

The subcommittees established are as follows

CYS TC 018 SC 00 & 01 Basis of Structural Design & Actions on Structures  
CYS TC 018 SC 02 Design of Concrete Structures    
CYS TC 018 SC 03 & 04 Design of Steel Structures & Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures
CYS TC 018 SC 05 Design of Timber Structures    
CYS TC 018 SC 06 Design of Masonry Structures    
CYS TC 018 SC 07 Geotechnical Design    
CYS TC 018 SC 08 Design of Structures For Earthquake Resistance    
CYS TC 018 SC 09 Design of Aluminium Structures