The Cyprus Organization for Standardization (CYS) in the framework of its activities for information and education of stakeholders and the general public on International and European standards successfully organized on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 the webinar titled “ISO 32210 – The first ISO Standard on Sustainable Finance assists ESG considerations”.

The vast experience and know-how of the speakers in the field of standardization, who come from the International Standardization and specifically from the International Technical Committee "ISO TC 322 Sustainable Finance" contributed significantly to the overall information towards the Cypriot business community. Specifically, Dr. Young (Chair of ISO TC 322), Mr. Morgan (Convenor, Working Group 1 of ISO TC 322), Mr. Henigan (Committee Manager of ISO TC 322) and Mr. Marios Tannousis (National Representative of CYS) were the keynote speakers during the webinar. Their contribution to the draft standard is a milestone in the field, as ISO 32210 is the first international standard in the field of sustainable finance.

More than 250 individuals registered to the webinar, from a wide range within the finance industry, from Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom, Israel and Thailand, which proves that the financial community recognizes the need to move to a sustainable finance through the use of standards, as auxiliary tools. Recognizing that standards, although voluntary, can be helpful tools for implementing sustainable finance, CYS is actively involved through its national representative, with Mr. Marios Tannousis, Deputy Director General & Head of HQ Unit at Invest Cyprus.

This participation, as well as the participation in the national mirror committee of CYS on Sustainable Finance, strengthens the involvement of the Cypriot finance community in the work of drafting international standards in this field and gives the opportunity to present the national position of Cyprus on the draft standard ISO 32210 "Sustainable Finance – Principles and Guidance".


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