The workshop on inclusiveness in national standardisation, co-organised by SBS and CEN-CENELEC with support from the Belgian FPS Economy, took place on the 5th of June 2024 in Brussels. This significant event aimed to address critical issues on access, effective and balanced representation and best practices in standardisation at the national level, bringing together government representatives, officials from national standardisation bodies, and practitioners from a wide range of stakeholder communities, including SMEs, large companies, consumers, NGOs, trade unions, and academia.

The SME contact point for the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation (CYS) was honored to be invited to the workshop, underscoring the importance that CYS places on providing stakeholders with access to standardisation activities and including all stakeholders in the development of standards.

During the panel discussion on access to standardisation activities, CYS highlighted its initiatives to ensure broad participation from diverse stakeholder categories, including industry, SMEs, government, and academia. The contributions were particularly notable in addressing the challenges faced by smaller NSBs, such as limited resources and geographical barriers, to engage effectively with stakeholders. CYS shared insights from its experiences, highlighting successful strategies such as financial subsidies for participation, subscription schemes for SMEs, and collaborative agreements with academic institutions, ministries and professional chambers to enhance the involvement of experts in standardisation activities. These initiatives significantly lowered barriers to entry and demonstrated the added value of standardisation, encouraging broader stakeholder engagement.

The insights provided were invaluable in the workshop's discussions, aimed at agreeing on concrete recommendations to be submitted to the High-Level Forum on European Standardisation for endorsement and implementation. Despite its small size, CYS gathered positive feedback and impressions from its activities. The productive exchange of ideas drove forward the inclusiveness and improved accessibility agenda in national and European standardisation.

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