European Technical Committees (Food & Biotechnology)

A significant part of the work of the European Standardization Commission is devoted to Chemicals and the environmental preservation. As of today there are 15 different European Standardization Committees (CEN Technical Committees) that are active deal with the following subjects:

  • CEN / TC 194 – Utensils in Contact with Food
  • CEN / TC 233 – Biotechnology
  • CEN / TC 275 – Food Analysis – Horizontal Methods
  • CEN /TC 302 – Milk and Milk Products – Methods from sampling and analysis
  • CEN / TC 307 – Oilseeds, vegetable and animal fats and oils and their by-products- Methods for sampling and analysis.
  • CEN / TC 327 – Animal Feeding Stuffs – Methods of sampling and analysis
  • CEN / TC 338 – Cereal and cereal products

With the support of CYS, subject matter experts from public services and private organizations in Cyprus operating in the specific sector, can participate and contribute to the work of the European Standardization, thus promoting the national interests and at the same time remain update in regards to the trends of their industry.

You can find more information about CEN and the European Technical committees on the following website: