The Cyprus Organization for Standardization (CYS) is the National Standardization Body of Cyprus, since January 1, 2005, and is responsible for all Standardization activities based on Law 156 (I)/2002. CYS operates as a limited liability (Ltd) organization, with the Republic of Cyprus being the sole shareholder. It is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Council of Ministers and consists of high-caliber personalities of the Cypriot society.

CYS actively participates in International and European Standardization as a full member of the International Standardization Organizations ISO and ITU, as well as the European Standardization Organizations CEN, CENELEC and ETSI. CYS represents Cyprus in European and International Technical Standardization Committees as an equal member, always aiming to safeguard the national interests.

CYS manages the National Standardization System and where required, establishes National Technical Standardization Committees whose mission is to develop and publish standards that directly relate to Cypriot products and services. CYS promotes European and International standards at all levels within the Cypriot society through events and trainings, such as informative and educational events, lectures and training programs.

Our vision:

The widespread adoption of International and European standards as an effective tool for improving the quality of life in the contemporary Cypriot society.

Our mission:

To empower the national standardization system so as to effectively secure the national interests of Cyprus in the European and International standardization system and to promote the International and European standards aiming to enhance the competitiveness of Cypriot companies, protect the environment and safeguard the consumers' health and safety.

Our values:

The Management and employees of the organization perform their duties guided by the following foundational values:

  • Eagerness- Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Acquiescence
  • Accessibility
  • Foresight
  • Innovation
  • Team spirit
  • Professional and technical compliance