Harmonized standards:

Harmonized standards are a specific category of European standards developed by one European Standardization Organization, following a request submitted by the European Commission known as a "mandate". Almost a fifth of all European standards are developed following a request (mandate) for standardization from the European Commission.

You can use harmonized standards to prove that your products or services comply with the technical requirements of the relevant EU legislation.

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CYS National Standards

The CYS National Standards are standardization documents prepared and submitted by National Technical Standardization Committees of CYS and KOPEP (prior to 2002). Some of the CYS's National Standards have been withdrawn while some are still valid.

interested parties can study and / or obtain these standards at the organization's Customer Service & Information Centre.


Valid CYS national standards
Valid CYS national standards
Withdrawn CYS National Standards
Withdrawn CYS National Standards

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