The introduction of the Evaluation and Certification System of Training Providers is a strategic goal of the highest priority for the Cyprus Standardization Organization (CYS). CYS training processes and facilities have been reviewed by the respective authority (HRDA) and the organization is successfully certified as a Vocational Training Provider since 2015 and recently as Vocational Training certified facility. CYS, as a quality advocate, has been actively present in the field of education and training in Cyprus since 2006. Taking into consideration the Organization’s Strategic Plan, current developments in the market and the publication of national, European and international standards, CYS develops and offers educational programs which are open to the public.

Quality assurance in Vocational Training is again one of the organization's highest priorities, hence, the Organization's certification as a Vocational Training Facility represents a key tool for developing standardized educational services which guaranty the highest level of quality.

Training Seminars

Based on its 10 year of experience in the field of vocational training and taking into consideration the constantly growing need for specialization, the Cyprus Standardization Organization (CYS) organizes training programs which comply to the priorities identified by European and International Standardization Organizations, as well as the European Commission directives on standardization. The training programs are developed according to the national priorities as well.

New topics added may concern the European and International Standards, Governance, Health and Safety, the Environment, Information Security, Business Continuity, Energy Infrastructure, Sustainable Development, Corruption and Bribery Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and other.

CYS offers subsidized, open to public programs that any company employee can participate, as well as in-house programs. All organizations wishing to expand their workforce's knowledge and skills related to standards and quality management in general are invited to participate.


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