All individuals and organizations have direct access to standards via the Search & Buy facility (Standards Catalogue). You can also acquire standards through the subscription service provided by CYS (more information about subscription services on the "Subscription Schemes page").

CYS provides the option of purchasing Standards' Packages for specific theme categories. With a purchase of standards worth 200 Euros, you will receive a 15% discount and if you are already a CYS subscriber, you can receive a 30% discount. You can review the package details on the "Standard's Packages" page. (Prices do not include VAT). An additional 40% discount is provided to the existing subscribers for the purchase of any European Standard (EN)

If you are a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), a university student or an employee in any of CYS's affiliated organizations, you are provided special access to the standards

Use the links below to buy and/or gain access to standards

If you need help, contact us at +357 22 411 413 or +357 22 411 414.