What is a standard and how is it developed?

Did you know that millions of businesses and organizations use and apply standards every day? Standards make both our life safer and easier and our working environment comfortable and efficient.

A standard is a document that sets out specific requirements, specifications, guidelines and/or characteristics, which can be used systematically by individuals or organizations to ensure that the materials they use, the products and services they offer, as well as the procedures they create are appropriate for the purpose they are intended for.

To date, nearly 23,000 standards have been created, which record the basic requirements for creating and / or offering a product or service. The standards ensure that the product or service will fully meet the needs and the level of quality expected by their final recipient.

Standards are the result of Standardization. Standardization is a process during which best practices on a subject are gained through experience and research. More specifically, national and international experts, who specialize in a subject, collaborate locally and globally to record all the available experience on a subject; discuss, analyze, research and classify best practices and record them as requirements, specifications , guidelines, features and / or processes in a Standard. The development of a Standard is based on the full consent of experts and is often a long process, with a huge amount of work, discussion and consultation at national and international level.