Mirror Committee CYS/MC 13

The MC 13 Mirror Committee on electrical and electronic equipment and electrical, electronic and medical equipment which is established at national level, is responsible for monitoring the activities of the European Technical Committees in the respective fields.
The MC 13 committee's participating stakeholders come from the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), the Cyprus Consumers Association, the Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, the Cyprus Medical Association, the Department of Labor Inspection of the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Labor, the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Higher Technological Institute (ATI), the Cyprus Organization for the Promotion of Quality, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Medical Equipment Authority of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health Electromechanical Services , the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB), the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA), the Environmental Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment and the Ministry's of Finance Procurement Department.

CENELEC sends the draft standards' documents to the Cyprus Standardization Organization, which then forwards them to MC 13 members for comments, suggestions and opinion sharing. Within the context of its operation, MC 13 is provided with the opportunity to review the European standards and reflect on the challenges present in the local industry and economy. Depending on the results of the public review, the final vote of Cyprus is decided and presented to CENELEC through the Cyprus Standardization Organization, as the official national position. The standards' titles that are under public review and commenting can be found on the Cyprus Standardization Organization's website under the title "Standards prEN". Interested parties can contact CYS and can request copies of the draft standards under review.