National Technical Committee CYS/TC 13 -Solar thermal systems

Considering the significant activity of the Cypriot manufacturing industry in the production of solar thermal systems, the recent developments within European standardization activities in this field and the positive outlook for export prospects, CYS created the National Technical Committee (CYS / TE13), to deal with the field of solar thermal systems. The committee's aim is to systematically monitor and participate in the activities of the European Technical Committee for Standardization: CEN / TC 312 Thermal Solar Systems and Components.

One of the committee's main objectives is the smooth harmonization of the local industry with the European standards, which in turn will create favorable conditions for exporting solar thermal systems' to EU countries.

CYS / TE13 consists of representatives from the Ministry energy, commerce and industry - energy department, the tourism industry, the Cyprus Institute of Energy, the Cyprus Solar Energy Manufacturers Association (EVIEK), the Pancyprian Association of Hydroelectric Technologists (OEB), the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI), the Cyprus Scientific & Technical Chamber (ETEK), the Department of Electromechanical Services (EMY), the Association of Laboratories of Cyprus (CyprusLab) of the University of Cyprus (CyprusLab) Consumers and Trade Unions (SEC). The Technical Services of the Ministry of Interior also participate in the committee with a representative under the Observer's status.