National Technical Committee CYS TC 16 - Safety for playgrounds, waterparks and Go-kart racetracks

In the absence of National and European standard for go-kart leisure facilities, in 2007 the Cyprus Standardization Organization (CYS), identified the need and established the National Technical Committee "CYS / TE 16 - Safety of Go-Karts Facilities", in order to develop a National standard.

At the beginning of 2009 the committee completed the drafting work and in October of the same year published the standard “CYS301: 2009 Safety of Operation and Management of Recreation Kart Facilities”.
While CYS / TE 16 committee was working to publish the national standards, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) established the Technical Committee CEN / TC 354 to develop a standard for both go-kart vehicles and installations. The European standard for go-kart vehicles was published and adopted in 2013.

The National Technical Committee CYS / TE16 actively participates with its representative in the work of the European Technical Committee CEN / TC 354, promoting provisions of the Cyprus model to be included in the European draft proposals.