National Technical Committee CYS TC 16 - Safety for playgrounds, waterparks and Go-kart racetracks

In the absence of National and European standard for go-kart leisure facilities, in 2007 the Cyprus Standardization Organization (CYS), identified the need and established the National Technical Committee "CYS / TE 16 - Safety of Go-Karts Facilities", in order to develop a National standard.

At the beginning of 2009 the committee completed the drafting work and in October of the same year published the standard “CYS301: 2009 Safety of Operation and Management of Recreation Kart Facilities”.
While CYS / TE 16 committee was working to publish the national standards, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) established the Technical Committee CEN / TC 354 to develop a standard for both go-kart vehicles and installations. The European standard for go-kart vehicles was published and adopted in 2013.

The National Technical Committee CYS / TE16 actively participates with its representative in the work of the European Technical Committee CEN / TC 354, promoting provisions of the Cyprus model to be included in the European draft proposals.

National Committees' standardization work plan for 2020

Based on the CYS's annual Business Plan of the National Technical Standardization Committees, the following standardization activities are scheduled to take place in 2020:

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