National Technical Committee CYS TC 20- Glazing, door/windows and metal cladding of buildings

The National Technical Standardization Committee CYS / TC 20 monitors the standardization work of three European Technical Standardization Committees: CEN / TC 33- Doors and windows, CEN / TC 128- Roof covering products for discontinuous laying and products for wall cladding and CEN / TC 129- Glass in building. The CYS / TC 20 work relates to aspects of glazing, glazing and metal cladding of buildings. Among other things, the committee was active in various aspects related to the standards for doors and windows and more specifically the standards CYS EN14351-1, CYS EN 13659 and CYS EN 13830 which fall under the National legislation.

Furthermore, in its recent meetings the committee dealt with the development of technical characteristics and National requirements in external openings and glazing of facades in accordance with (EU) no. 305/2011 and the harmonized standards. The Cyprus University of Technology is contacting a specialized and thorough study in regards to this matter, aiming to determine the technical characteristics as well as the minimum performance that the products must achieve depending on the intended use and their size.

The committee is also concerned with the fire protection of metal cladding of buildings.

A CYS representative participates in the meetings of the respective European Commission CEN / TC 128.