Why every organization needs to embrace diversity and inclusion.


We all know that like attracts like but when it comes to the workplace, differences can be a very good thing. Numerous studies have shown that workplace diversity and inclusion can drive innovation and lead to new markets and financial benefits. There is also evidence that when employees feel heard, they are far more likely to be motivated and do their best work, in conditions that enable effective collaboration and participation. Yet, while society is constantly changing, sometimes the workplace doesn’t keep up.

Developing an inclusive organizational culture is no small feat and requires consistent commitment from all levels, particularly the top. Sensitive issues inevitably arise; differing cultural norms need to be considered and non-inclusive or discriminatory behaviour cannot be ignored. But an inclusive culture not only brings many benefits, it touches on some fundamental human rights.

Recognizing the immense importance of this, ISO has just published a new standard to guide organizations every step of the way. ISO 30415, Human resource management – Diversity and inclusion, details what is required to create a diverse and inclusive organizational culture and leverage the benefits that this brings. On the occasion of its publication, we talk to Lorelei Carobolante, a globally renowned expert in human resources and diversity. As Project Leader of the ISO working group [1] responsible for its development, she tells us about the challenges and rewards of equity, fairness, voice and equality in a diverse and inclusive workplace.


1. Working group WG 8, Diversity and inclusion, operates under technical committee ISO/TC 260, Human resource management, whose secretariat is held by ANSI, ISO’s member for the USA





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