On Monday, January 15th 2024, CCCI hosted a very productive meeting between the Cyprus Electronic Money & Payment Institutions (ACEMPI) and the Cyprus Organization for Standardization (CYS).

A team from CYS, consisting of the Director of Standardization, Pambos Kammas and the responsible Standards Officer for Services, Natali Giorgalla informed the President Ioannis Georgoulas and the Board members of ACEMPI on the benefits that their involvement in standardization can bring and specifically the participation in ISO's International Technical Committee on Financial Services (ISO TC 68).

The collaboration marks a significant milestone for ACEMPI and a testament to its position as a respected Association in its sector. In addition, the aim of this collaboration is to deliver a number of benefits for the ACEMPI members, including increased networking opportunities among leading global standardization experts, access to specific international trends in the electronic money sector and participation in activities relevant to the electronic money and payment institutions.

During the meeting, the importance of such collaboration was underlined, since in this way the commitment of the two stakeholders to excellence is reinforced.

ACEMPI's integration into the ISO Technical Committee on Financial Services (ISO TC 68) and as such its representation of Cypriot interests in the electronic money sector at an international level becomes an important achievement since in doing so the presence of Cyprus is strengthened.

CYS is confident that ACEMPI, as a trusted standardization partner, actively contributes to the financial standards development work and efforts within the ISO Financial Services Technical Committee.

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