Chemicals & Environment

The subject of chemical engineering is quite broad and covers subjects such as:

  • matter properties,
  • basic processes of material treatment or processing,
  • facilities design and calculation,
  • production or processing methods,
  • product design, properties and use
  • maximum energy / material efficiency
  • environmental protection and industrial safety and health

Taking into consideration the above, the field of Chemical Engineering is divided into 3 subsectors:

  • Fuel
  • Environmental Management
  • Chemical Industry


Ten European Technical Standardization Committees and sectors are monitored under the fuel subsector. These committees are engaged in the development of standards about the quality parameters, properties, characterization, test and testing methods, etc. of gas, liquid and solid, conventional and alternative fuel.

Environmental Management

The environmental management subsector is multidimensional and complex. In total, it monitors the work of about 30 CEN European Committees and Sectors. These committees deal with the standardization relating to the following:

  • management and characterization of liquid, solid and air pollutants,
  • quality, treatment and supply of drinking water,
  • fertilizers and biostimulants,
  • nanotechnology,
  • laboratory equipment and
  • innovation management.

At the same time, it is actively monitoring European Standardization Governing Bodies such as SABE (Strategic Advisory Body on Environment – CEN/BT WG219), which provides consultation at CEN's Technical Board regarding strategic management in the environment sector (circular economy, hazardous chemical products, microplastics, climate change etc.)

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry also has a wide range of application, in particular this subsector monitors the work of around 30 CEN European Committees and Sectors:

  • Paint, varnishes and other coatings,
  • metals and aluminum, copper and zinc alloys,
  • plastics and tires,
  • paper,
  • glues,
  • fabrics,
  • irrigation,
  • gas station equipment and
  • cathodic protection

are some of the subjects monitored by the Chemical Industry sector.